Our Purpose is to improve the circumstances of individuals, communities and organisations through the provision of our solar-powered refrigeration and energy technologies which can be rapidly deployed in remote, off-grid and urban environments.

Black Stump Technologies mobile solutions assist companies to lessen their environmental impact, empower individuals and communities to change their economic and social circumstances and support organisations seeking to support people in times of their greatest need.

Our technology solutions enable us to provide rapidly deployable solutions to the issues of energy, refrigeration, clean water, food hygiene, sanitation, medical storage and cold-supply-chain.

Black Stump Technologies’ mission is to provide 100% solar-powered mobile refrigeration and energy technologies.  Rapidly deployed, not only to urban locations, but beyond the black stump to remote areas that may not be easily accessible.

Our products offer a reliable replacement for diesel generators, reducing emissions and allowing individuals, businesses and communities to save on significant operating and fuel costs.

Our clean, dependable and cost saving alternatives can be experienced across energy, refrigeration, water purification, food hygiene, sanitation, medical storage and cold supply-chain.

Black Stump Technologies specialises in the provision of solar-powered energy and refrigeration technologies which can be rapidly deployed in remote areas, environments which are off-grid as well as urban environments.

Our technologies are applied to assist individuals and organisations operating in all such environments. Such environments arise through remoteness or in times of humanitarian or environmental disaster or, the increasing need for corporations to act sustainably in the development of urban areas.

Our technologies remove the reliance on expensive and often-unavailable supplies of diesel fuel and can operate completely independently from grid-power. For urban areas our mobile, relocatable technology solutions remove the reliance on diesel fuel generators as a source of temporary power.

Our technologies are sought after by a broad range of organisations and communities.

Companies responsible for the development of infrastructure across both remote and urban areas use our energy technologies to avoid the cost and polluting effects of diesel generators.

Our technologies help First Responder organisations attend to urgent and ongoing relief needs and  Aid and Developmental agencies supporting the development of individuals and communities in the longer term.

Defence organisations wishing to rapidly deploy resources in areas of potential or actual conflict seek to apply our refrigeration and energy technologies to meet their specific requirements.

Our technologies are also sought by governmental and commercial organisations operating in remote areas where off-grid cold-supply and energy supply chain solutions are needed to support community and business operations.

We supply to our customers globally. Purchasing and leasing options are available.

Black Stump is supported by its international distribution and manufacturing partners.

Providing independent cooling and power,
in off-grid environments, to individuals, communities and the organisations that support them.