Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Units For Total Reliability

As the name suggests an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) is a function that ensures you have an uninterruptible power supply by providing back-up power sources when the input power or mains power fails. This can include electrical surges/spikes, brownouts and blackouts.

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) devices also provide protection from power surges by continually monitoring incoming voltage, intercepting any surges and safeguarding against damage and data loss. Particularly critical where your site hut houses essential business tools such as communication systems, computers and server/data storage equipment to which a loss of power could cause irreversible damage and expense.

In situations where UPS energy infrastructure needs to be tailored, and then configured to cope with more hostile conditions such as heat, drought or higher sea levels, one of the key benefits of Black Stump Technologies range of solar generators is the provision of additional back up. This ensures uninterrupted power supply regardless of external conditions or unexpected environmental stresses.

Our solar generators have an integrated renewable uninterrupted power supply via solar array and smart battery bank, with hybrid mains and a (bio) diesel generator connection options ensuring an uninterruptible power supply of renewable energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The concern of running out of costly and harmful diesel fuel, or a loss of power are a thing of the past with our solar generators that provide multiple back-up options, ensuring you have an uninterruptible power supply. On the rare chance that the solar should fail, our battery supply will kick-in, and should that become depleted, and the solar not yet returned, the (bio) diesel supply would deploy, ensuring no costly downtime on site.

These green star rated UPS options instantly reduce carbon emissions and in turn the environmental impact of your site and can be used to provide a reliable uninterrupted power supply to offices, lunchrooms, first aid or toilet facilities.

Reliable UPS Capability Across All Technologies

UPS capability accompanies all of Black Stump Technologies other sustainable technologies including chillers and cool rooms, freezers, ice makers and water purification units, with uninterruptible power supply being critical across all of the following key industries that rely on our products –

  • Infrastructure
  • Construction & Mining
  • Logistics
  • Defence
  • Government
  • Events
  • First Responders
  • Agriculture & Aquiculture
  • Aid & Development.

Having the capacity to provide reliable UPS refrigeration is essential for defence organisations, first responders and agencies providing aid and relief, anywhere mobile chillers, cool rooms and solar freezers are used to salvage and store perishables, and temporary mortuaries are deployed following a disaster. Clean drinking water is also essential during these events, so having a water purification system with UPS back-up options can make a significant contribution to ensuring public health during times of crises.

Agriculture & aquaculture operators also require an uninterruptible power supply for their chillers, cool rooms, freezer containers and commercial ice makers when it is crucial to ensure that harvested product is stored dependably and under precise conditions to prevent the potential loss of valuable produce.

Having a stable uninterrupted power supply within the infrastructure, construction and mining industries is a necessity where production levels are time critical, and issues with power supply can be a costly, even dangerous exercise. Particularly outdoors or in inclement conditions where equipment may be at greater risk of damage.

Government organisations responsible for remote communities need to ensure the reliability of infrastructure across energy, cold-supply chain as well as communication provision and data security and storage. The implementation of uninterrupted power supply supported technology could make a vital difference.

The success of an event can also depend heavily on the reliability of chillers, cool rooms and commercial ice makers. Event organisers and companies seeking a cost-effective UPS framework would benefit from using Black Stump Technologies products.

Uninterrupted Power Supply FAQ’s

What is UPS?

UPS provides multiple back-up options to ensure an uninterruptible power supply to your energy, refrigeration, clean water, food hygiene, sanitation, medical storage and cold-supply-chain solutions. An interruption to power supply can be the result of a mains surge, blackout or other atypical power event.

Together with safeguarding against power loss a UPS system can also monitor incoming voltage to intercept surges and provide critical protection against damage and data loss.

How does Black Stump Technologies ensure uninterrupted power supply (UPS)?

An uninterrupted power supply is ensured across all Black Stump Technologies products via a fully integrated renewable UPS solar array and smart battery bank. With the ‘smart switch’ energy management system drawing additional power from further renewable energy sources before a (bio)diesel generator connection is engaged.

All of Black Stump Technologies’ can be fully customised to ensure an uninterrupted power supply based on your specific circumstances including location, climate, mains access and reliability of diesel supplies.

What Black Stump Technology contains uninterrupted power supply (UPS)?

UPS capability comes with all of Black Stump Technologies deployments including solar generators, chillers, cool rooms, freezers, commercial ice makers and water purification systems.

Black Stump Technologies also works alongside customers to design and produce custom products to suit any application and environment where an uninterrupted power supply is critical.

What industries/situations benefit from having uninterrupted power supply?

Black Stump Technologies provision of uninterrupted power supply energy and refrigeration technologies are used to assist individuals and organisations operating in remote locations, which may be off-grid or prone to hostile or unpredictable environmental conditions that may impact access to an uninterruptible power supply, or urban settings that require a trustworthy energy source.

This would include Aid and Developmental agencies wanting to build low maintenance and reliable energy infrastructure for disadvantaged communities, as well as First Responders needing emergency energy, cooling, freezer or water purification resources due to an environmental or humanitarian disaster.

Defence organisations on the ground in areas of potential, or actual conflict, require rapidly deployable UPS solutions to quickly and efficiently resolve issues around refrigeration, food hygiene, clean water and sanitation, together with medical storage and temporary mortuaries.

Operators within the Agriculture and Aquiculture sector, count on a dependable cold-supply-chain option when it comes to the storage and transport of newly harvested or caught produce. Their profitability is reliant on mobile cool rooms, chillers, freezer containers and commercial ice making facilities that incorporate an uninterrupted power supply to minimise spoilage.

Our technologies are also the go-to for commercial organisations such as mining, infrastructure, or construction where a lack of UPS can be both an expensive and dangerous exercise that can affect the delivery of deadlines or put employees at risk. Government bodies are also reliant on the delivery of stable communication and need an uninterrupted power supply to ensure the secure storage of data.