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Black Stump Technologies Exhibit at Victorian Manufacturing Showcase 2019

Black Stump Technologies’ air transportable solar powered mortuary attended the Victorian Manufacturers Showcase 2019 with BDMs Martin Oakley and Nick Hanley.

Hosted by a partnership of Victorian Government and the Industry Capability Network (Victoria) with Eastern Metropolitan councils. the objective of this event is to showcase successful Victorian manufacturing businesses. It is hoped attendees will gain invaluable insights and networking opportunities with like minded members of industry.

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Solar Power for Remote Space Telescope

The Black Stump Technologies Mobile Solar Power Station (DSTG Variant) was specifically engineered to provide autonomous power to suit the requirements of the remote telescope’s electronics package and provide an on-site working environment for staff. As the unit is expected to be deployed in the remote South Australian desert, special attention was paid to keeping the electronics and staff work space cools, as well as a remote internet connection, to allow operation and monitoring from Adelaide.

The Australian designed and manufactured equipment is robust to ensure continuous operation and is supplied as a packaged system for easy turn-key installation.

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Black Stump supports Argri-Business

Black Stump supports Argri-Business while on deployment in the Papua New Guinea highlands of the Morobe province.

The Morobe Show is Lae City’s largest annual event. Held over three full days, the event showcases life and achievements in the Morobe Province, bringing visitors from all across Morobe Province and Papua New Guinea to Lae. The Morobe Show began in 1959 and is now one of PNGs celebrated annual events.  The Annual Show brings with it a variety of cultural, commercial, horticultural, school, agricultural, livestock and horse-riding displays, as well as general entertainment and amusement activities. In 2018, the most exciting annual event in Lae – the Morobe Show, will be held on the 27th – 28th of October.

Black Stump exhibited it’s air deployable chiller and keep food fresh for displaying agricultural businesses, with support from the Australian Consulate-General in Lae.

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Black Stump Finalist in 2018 AIRAH awards for Papua New Guinea Solar Mortuary

In remote places, the consistent supply of electricity from the grid is an almost daily challenge for residents and businesses alike. Following disasters, the only sources of power are usually diesel gensets. Fuel supply then becomes an issue, as does noise and pollution.

For the ANGAU Memorial Hospital at Lae in Papua New Guinea, the lack of consistent power can play havoc with the day-to-day running of the hospital. A solution was needed while the hospital mortuary was rebuilt.

Working with the Lae Hospital redevelopment team, comprising hospital personnel and Johnstaff Project Management, Black Stump has produced a solar-powered deployable mortuary with customised tray system, giving great comfort and dignity not only to hospital staff but to relatives of the deceased.

You can read the original article here.

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Swinburne Masters Students create Timor Leste Market Entry Strategy for Black Stump Technologies

On 6 March 2018, Black Stump Technologies engaged authors to explore new international markets to inform the Company’s expansion plans. The authors were tasked to identify a new market opportunity and develop an appropriate market entry strategy to fit the chosen market.

The young developing country, Timor-Leste was selected due the Country’s vast socioeconomic development needs and the will of various stakeholders to see the country prosper. This presents significant opportunities for Black Stump Technologies’ range of products. Backed by anecdotal evidence, the authors identified the opportunity to deliver clean drinking water for communities particularly rural schools as an entry point for the company.

This market entry plan primarily leverages on the resources of WASH World Vision, Australia Government (through Austrade and DFAT), TradeInvest and other potential local business partners to present a compelling value of Water Wizards for rural schools in Timor-Leste to Ministry of Planning and Strategic Investment.

Black Stump Technologies business development manager said the calibre of the report was excellent.  “The students did a fantastic job. This is why we love engaging with Victoria’s university’s. Their students get real world experience, our business gets a new perspective on our operations and we all learn from each other.”

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SSS Strawberries

Today our Air Deployable A pallet takes a break at SSS Strawberries to chill out, recharge the batteries and catch some sun. Victor Dang of SSS was on hand to assist with the set up and shortly after it gently buzzed into life. We took a tour of the farm grounds and returned 30 minutes later to find the cold box was already down to temperature and operating in economy mode.

The L pallet is our generational test bed and is slowly returning to Melbourne following Defence Department Field proving trials.

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Black Stump launches World‘s First Solar Powered Mortuary at Lae Hospital in PNG

In Papua New Guinea, the consistent supply of electricity from the grid is an almost daily challenge for residents and businesses alike. For the ANGAU Memorial Hospital at Lae the lack of consistent power plays havoc with the day to day running of the hospital.

Without such consistency patient care becomes difficult and the lack of a properly supported cold storage system means that operational areas such as the Hospital mortuary and vaccine storage are placed at risk.

Working with the Lae Hospital redevelopment team comprising of Hospital personnel and Johnstaff Project Management, Black Stump has produced an innovative solution to the problem faced by the hospital. A solar powered deployable mortuary with customised tray system has now been placed at the hospital, giving great comfort and dignity not only to hospital staff but to relatives of the deceased.

Black Stump continues to work with the hospital to provide further solutions to the challenges presented by unreliable mains power.

Image from inside of the solar powered deployable mortuary

The solar powered deployable mortuary on site in Lae.

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Black Stump Keeping Flowers Alive

In the outer areas of Melbourne, where the flower farmers do their work, cold storage is critical when picking season comes round. The owners of Sky Valley Flowers grow Peonies and Lilies for the Melbourne markets each year.

Every year they wrestle with the challenge of keeping the flowers alive without a cold storage system. Their neighbours, who operate a very large flower farm face the additional problem of being requested by the Mains power authority to periodically remove themselves from the grid.

Last picking season, Black Stump’s deployable, containerised solar powered cold room was used by Sky Valley to store picked flowers keeping them in pristine condition ready for transport to the market. Placing a cut flower directly into cold storage extends the life of that flower by several days. This means that the farmer can optimise his harvesting time and plan his trips to the market secure in the knowledge that he has premium product for sale.

For Sky Valley, it also meant the additional bonus of using the Back Stump cold room to make direct sales to passing trade and local businesses. A very cool result for all!