Case Studies


Liquidstar, an organisation which is funded by USAID and focussed on providing community support in developing nations has recently completed its purchase of a Black Stump technology system which will be called “Waypoint”.

WSA’s Sustainable Subbie Award

Proud to recieve WSA’s Sustainable Subbie Award.

Black Stump Technologies is delighted to have worked with Rosanna Dutton and the ACCIONA and CPB Contractors partnership on the Western Sydney Airport project.

Western Sydney Airport project

Black Stump Technologies is delighted to have worked with Rosanna Dutton and the ACCIONA and CPB Contractors partnership on the Western Sydney Airport project.

Black Stump partners with BMD Group and AECOMM Services Limited

Black Stump and BMD Group (BMD) and AECOMM SERVICES LIMITED #construction #renewableenergy #transport #solar have partnered to deliver a rapid deploying renewable energy solution for Transport for NSW comprising of 25kW solar, 20kWh batteries and a 20kVA diesel generator to replace a 100kVA diesel generator to power the construction site sheds.

Australia has Voted

Regardless of your political affiliation, Australians have voted for a future with climate change at the top of the agenda.

Sustainability Victoria

Are you working on a project or initiative that is supporting Victoria’s transition to net zero emissions by providing clean, affordable, and secure energy? ⚡️ Enter the ‘Future Energy’ category for the 2022 Premier’s Sustainability Awards and have your achievements recognised.

IPCC report

The recent IPCC report stated with high confidence in section A2.1:
In 2019, atmospheric CO2 concentrations were higher than at any time in at least 2 million years and concentrations of CH4 and N2O were higher than at any time in at least 800,000 years.

Black Stump Submits Entry

A shout out to our key partners at Symal Group and Level Crossing Removal Project with McConnell Dowell (Western Program Alliance) for their help in our submission for the Premier’s Sustainability Award.

Black Stump Technologies

Black Stump Technologies developed a world first technology for 100% off-grid and hybrid- solar powered mortuaries in 2017, funded by the Australian government.

Watts on wheels…mobile PV plants target diesel

Nice talking to Jeremy of ecogeneration about our grid tied UPS at the Level Crossing Removal project.


What if it rains, does solar work? We hear that a lot at Black Stump. The simple answer: Yes. You can still generate solar power when it rains. And a lot of it.

Black Stump’s Exorac deployment system

The Exorac system deployed in Black Sump’s renewable UPS at the Western Program Alliance compound in Laverton is easy to deploy and pack up (and transport). As Peter Galvin, Executive Chairman of Black Stump explains it takes less that 20 minutes to fold away the solar panels and less than 20 minutes to fold them out again in the morning.

Black Stump Technologies Purpose Statement

Black Stump Technologies Purpose Statement

Black Stump’s Export Unit Arrives!

This week Black Stump Technologies delivered a 20-foot ISO container with a 100% solar renewable refrigerator to our U.S partners, ROXBOX Containers in Denver, Colorado.

Black Stump Technologies Exhibit at Victorian Manufacturing Showcase 2019

Black Stump Technologies’ air transportable solar powered mortuary attended the Victorian Manufacturers Showcase 2019 with BDMs Martin Oakley and Nick Hanley. Hosted by a partnership of Victorian Government and the Industry Capability Network (Victoria) with Eastern Metropolitan councils. the objective of this event is to showcase successful Victorian manufacturing businesses. It is hoped attendees will […]

Solar Power for Remote Space Telescope

The Black Stump Technologies Mobile Solar Power Station (DSTG Variant) was specifically engineered to provide autonomous power to suit the requirements of the remote telescope’s electronics package and provide an on-site working environment for staff. As the unit is expected to be deployed in the remote South Australian desert, special attention was paid to keeping […]

Black Stump supports Argri-Business

Black Stump supports Argri-Business while on deployment in the Papua New Guinea highlands of the Morobe province. The Morobe Show is Lae City’s largest annual event. Held over three full days, the event showcases life and achievements in the Morobe Province, bringing visitors from all across Morobe Province and Papua New Guinea to Lae. The […]

Black Stump Finalist in 2018 AIRAH awards for Papua New Guinea Solar Mortuary

In remote places, the consistent supply of electricity from the grid is an almost daily challenge for residents and businesses alike. Following disasters, the only sources of power are usually diesel gensets. Fuel supply then becomes an issue, as does noise and pollution. For the ANGAU Memorial Hospital at Lae in Papua New Guinea, the […]

Swinburne Masters Students create Timor Leste Market Entry Strategy for Black Stump Technologies

On 6 March 2018, Black Stump Technologies engaged authors to explore new international markets to inform the Company’s expansion plans. The authors were tasked to identify a new market opportunity and develop an appropriate market entry strategy to fit the chosen market. The young developing country, Timor-Leste was selected due the Country’s vast socioeconomic development […]

Off the Grid Festival, 2017

Black Stump Technologies keeps the beer cool. Dance meets activism at Off the Grid 2017, an all-day party where the environment is on the agenda. Featuring an eclectic mix of local and international DJs, musicians and performance artists alongside speakers and environmentalists, this “solar-powered celebration” promises some 14 hours of eating, drinking, dancing and discussion. […]

Post Harvest / Pre-Cooling Report

This project was mainly focused on post-harvest, pre-cooling and cold storage of agricultural produce targeted for the beneficial of farmers in remote Papua New Guinea. The report focuses on the role of agriculture in the upbringing of a nation’s economy and the need for a sustainable methodology to increase the overall quantity and quality of […]

Kanga Kooler – Kangaroo Meat Harvesting

This project took aim at creating a sustainable off-grid Kangaroo meat harvesting business model for remote communities living on Country.  Utilising Black Stumps ‘Kanaga Koolers’ to provide a low cost cold chain solution, it was proposed that Indigenous communities could leverage  thier Kangaroo hunting knowledge and practises to create a sustaible meat supply business,  as […]

SSS Strawberries

Today our Air Deployable A pallet takes a break at SSS Strawberries to chill out, recharge the batteries and catch some sun. Victor Dang of SSS was on hand to assist with the set up and shortly after it gently buzzed into life. We took a tour of the farm grounds and returned 30 minutes […]

Black Stump launches World‘s First Solar Powered Mortuary at Lae Hospital in PNG

In Papua New Guinea, the consistent supply of electricity from the grid is an almost daily challenge for residents and businesses alike. For the ANGAU Memorial Hospital at Lae the lack of consistent power plays havoc with the day to day running of the hospital. Without such consistency patient care becomes difficult and the lack […]

Black Stump Keeping Flowers Alive

In the outer areas of Melbourne, where the flower farmers do their work, cold storage is critical when picking season comes round. The owners of Sky Valley Flowers grow Peonies and Lilies for the Melbourne markets each year. Every year they wrestle with the challenge of keeping the flowers alive without a cold storage system. […]