The definitive industry guide to comparing renewable energy and diesel

At Black Stump Technologies, our years of expertise and data from the field helped us develop 5 principles every organisation must understand to effectively use renewable energy solutions and correctly predict operational and CO2 savings.​ Without an evidence-based methodology, your organisation might be miscalculating its carbon emissions and operational costs. Thus, you run the risk of misrepresenting positive and negative ESG impacts of your organisation.


Principle 1: Know your load

You may not be aware that you're paying for more than what you need. At Black Stump Technologies, we properly size the Solarator® solution that will best match your load profile. Based on our years of experience on the field, we know this is the first step in making accurate performance and cost forecasts when using renewable energy solutions. This principle leads to proper forecasting of cost benefits for your business.


Principle 2: Determine size of diesel unit being replaced

If your site uses a 50kVa diesel, you can’t take a 200kVa diesel unit as point of comparison because quite simply, you are not comparing the same thing! Black Stump Technologies will work closely with your team to configure accurate comparisons between diesel units and our Solarators®. Following this principle allows our team to realistically predict returns and provide cost-benefit analysis.


Principle 3: Specify usage

We are here to help you achieve your goals and understand trade-offs that may come with it. Black Stump Technologies asks questions such as: What are you trying to achieve by utilising renewable energy? Do you want to decrease or eliminate your diesel reliance? Do you require quiet hours during the day? How much space can you allot for renewable energy units? Our energy and cold-chain specialists know from many years of experience that a solution customised to your specific usage and power needs will yield the most cost-effective and efficient results.  


Principle 4: Identify location

Solar profiles vary depending on location because sunlight and weather patterns change dramatically over time. Ironically, not all companies take this basic detail into account when proposing renewable energy solutions. Before providing you with any promises of cost savings, ROI predictions, or product benefits, Black Stump Technologies ensures we have comprehensively profiled the location first to provide you with the most efficient solutions and truthful business outcomes.


Principle 5: Run calculations

Once the critical inputs from principles 1 through 4 have been established, Black Stump Technologies uses a sophisticated engineering modelling tool to recommend a renewable energy system against a typical meteorological year. Unlike others in the space, we have 7 years of field data that we leverage in our calculations allowing us to predict what type of system solutions and financial and environmental benefits to expect.


Black Stump Technologies is not in the business of unrealistic guarantees and unethical ESG reporting. We know there's an exact science to forecasting emissions reductions and operational savings, and this definitive industry guide reflects our evidence-based methodology and field expertise. Get in touch with our team now to help you apply these principles to your energy and cold-chain needs.