Liquidstar, an organisation which is funded by USAID and focussed on providing community support in developing nations has recently completed its purchase of a Black Stump technology system which will be called “Waypoint”.

Black Stump’s integrated renewable energy system incorporating solar, batteries and bio-diesel will provide power to a range of systems within the Waypoint unit to support sustainable income generation and create commercial opportunities in the partner community. The community piloting this project, located in Djibouti, will use the technology to charge small and medium sized batteries for communications and mobility devices and at the same time, generate potable water, which can be sold, through the technology units’ atmospheric water generator (AWG).

Additionally the unit includes the ability to operate blockchain mining equipment and is expected to provide a passive income from mining cryptocurrency when power to recharge batteries and operate the AWG is not required. 

Manufacturing of the unit will now commence and be ready for deployment in Djibouti in less than 4 months time. Following successful deployment of this first unit, several units will be subsequently deployed in Nigeria, Benin, Lebanon and Indonesia.