Chillers and Cool Rooms

Preserve perishables in this energy independent, mobile solar power chillers and cool rooms

Black Stump Technologies offers a range of mobile and solar powered chillers and cool rooms designed for rapid transport around the world, with rapid deployment available by land, sea or air.  Delivering not only to urban locations but more specifically to remote areas that may not be easily accessible.

Each mobile chiller or cool room model is 100% solar powered with battery back-up requiring no fuel, generator or grid connection, yet the reassurance of knowing you have an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). Our solar powered chillers and cool rooms offer a greener, cleaner and quieter mobile chilling alternative with no ongoing operating costs.

Each solar mobile cool room unit is transportable, securable and can be fully customised to your specific needs, including being hybrid and micro grid compatible. Remote operation and monitoring are also available, right down to alerts of a door being left open.

Real time performance monitoring and analytics are also available providing reporting up the lines of your contribution to carbon emissions, cost savings and uptime.

Key Benefits of Our Solar Mobile Chillers & Cool Rooms:

  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) – Our solar array plus a smart battery system, as well as hybrid mains and generator connection options means guaranteed supply 24/7
  • Cost savings –Our solar powered mobile chillers and cool rooms provide organisations with a sizeable cost saving over the diesel alternative
  • Carbon emission reductions –Solar mobile chillers and cool rooms provide a substantial and instant reduction in carbon emissions reducing the environmental footprint
  • Continuous improvement –The energy usage patterns of our mobile chillers and cool rooms are recorded and analysed
  • Monitoring and analytics – Data is collected in real-time allowing organisations to report savings and contributions
  • Proven –Mobile solar powered chillers and cool rooms are currently deployed and have been in sustained operation throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea
  • No utilities involvement –Our mobile solar power chillers and cool rooms are classified as an appliance that requires no input or approval from power companies and run 100% off grid in remote locations, or using mains power if operating in hybrid mode
  • Aligned reporting – Our solar mobile cool rooms and chillers are aligned with your Corporate Sustainable Reporting (CSR) and with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.
Black Stump Technologies solar chiller cool room.
Black Stump Technologies solar chiller cool room.
Black Stump Technologies solar chiller cool room.

How Do Our Mobile Solar Chillers & Cool Rooms Work?

Our patented solar mobile chillers and cool rooms feature an operational temperature range of +2°C to +15°C in up to 50°C+ ambient environments.

With simple push button operation, units need only be set down and the solar panels deployed.  All operation is from ground level and requires no special tools or training and the unit is fully operational in under 30 minutes.

Fully customisable solar powered mobile chillers & cool rooms for use in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture & Aquaculture – if needing cold storage to place product in as soon as it’s harvested, our solar mobile cool rooms and chillers are the perfect off-grid, remote refrigeration solution
  • Commercial organisations – especially those operating in remote areas requiring solar-powered, mobile cool room solutions
  • Event organisers and companies – wanting an environmentally friendly cool room and mobile chiller for a suburban or rural event that doesn’t require mains power
  • Aid & Development agencies – needing to build cooling infrastructure within marginalised communities
  • Government organisations – remote communities that require cold storage can benefit significantly from solar mobile cool rooms
  • Defence organisations – for mobile solar chillers and refrigeration that can be rapidly deployed and be operational in remote locations
  • First Responders – for those caught in an environmental or humanitarian disaster seeking immediately deployable mobile solar cool rooms.

Mobile Cool Rooms & Chillers FAQ’s

How do our mobile cool rooms and solar chillers work?

Once the solar cool room is transported to wherever you are in the world, the solar panels are deployed with a simple push button operation.

There are no special tools or training required and the cool room will be ready for use in under 30 minutes.

Each mobile cool room and solar chiller also features a broad operational temperature range of +2°C to +15°C making it an ideal option for warmer climates.

Energy usage patterns of your solar chiller are logged and analysed giving you the ability to report your savings and contribution up the line in real time.

Why solar powered cool rooms?

With energy consumption considered the largest source of human-caused greenhouse gas production, choosing an industrial solar powered cool room means you are immediately reducing your carbon emissions and making a significant reduction to your environmental footprint.

 There is a significant cost saving by choosing a solar cool room over a diesel alternative, and an increasing number of organisations seeking  more environmentally friendly powered solutions.

Who are commercial cool rooms for?

Our cool room options are designed to be used across a range of industries including mining, logistics, defence, government and commercial organisations, as well as agriculture and aquaculture, where placing newly harvested product directly into a mobile cool room storage solution increases the shelf-life and therefore value of that product.

Mobile cool rooms can also be used by first responders seeking low-maintenance, emergency preservation solutions, aid and development agencies looking for long-term, cost-effective cool room options that can be rapidly deployed, as well as event organisers seeking a practical, economical and environmentally friendly refrigeration alternative to traditional mains power.

How do you know if a solar cool room is right for you?

To find out which of our solar powered chillers or mobile cool rooms is the best solution for your requirements please contact us via our contact form, phone or email.