Water Purification

Black Stump Water Wizards provide safe and clean drinking water in the most difficult environments.  Available as ‘turn-key’ packages offered in a range of sizes and output volumes, water is filtered to <0.02 microns, without using chemicals, to meet current WHO and ADWG guidelines.

Key features:

  • 100% Solar Powered
  • Operate anywhere
  • Water filtered to <0.02 microns
  • 3 years maintenance free filtration
  • Transportable
  • Securable
  • 10 minutes from unload to operation
  • Remote monitoring and water analysis

Scalable Water Filtration Solutions

Multiple water filtration systems housed inside solar powered 20’ and 40’ ISO shipping containers provide scalability to permanent and semi permanent locations.  Transportable by land or sea, increased space allows for optional internal water tanks, food storage or preparation areas, medical storage or energy storage for an uninterruptible power supply.  The following standard models are avaliable:

  • Air Transportable 463L Water Wizard – 10,000 litre daily average
  • Air Transportable 463L Water Wizard – 30,000 litre daily average
  • 20ft ISO Container Water Wizard – 30,000 litre daily average plus cold storage capacity

or Black Stump Technologies will work alongside you to produce a customer solution to your need.