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Our Solarators are designed to instantly complement and boost mains power in situations where the available mains power supply is insufficient to meet your project's power load demands.

Installing a grid-connected Solarator provides the additional power necessary, without the time, cost and hassle of installing an upgraded mains supply.

Because our Solarators are classed as appliances, generally all that's required to connect up to the grid is a Certificate of Electrical Completion and your site has all the power it needs.

Case Study

Old Geelong Road Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) Victoria: $355M

The Old Geelong Road project is one of many undertaken by the Victorian Goverment to remove congested and dangerous level crossings, in this case by building a new road bridge, pedestrian and cyclist overpass over the rail line at Hoppers Crossing Station, directly connecting Princes Highway to Old Geelong Road.

A Black Stump grid-connected Solarator was located onto the site because there was insufficient local mains power to supply the site's energy demand. Our complementary system avoided complex interface with regulatory authorities and the long time frame and cost involved in having infrastructure providers install an appropriately-sized mains connection.

Prior to its relocation to a new LXRA site, the Black Stump grid-connected Solarator at Old Geelong Road achieved the following outcomes over a 9 month period:

Produced 54 megawatts of renewable energy
Sent 38 megawatts back to the grid, for the benefit of Victorian households
Saved 36 tonnes of CO2 emissions
Produced power at zero cost. Indeed, the power bill for the site is in credit.