Mobile Farm

Mobile Solar Farm

Our Solarators are designed to enable you to rapidly scale your renewable energy to megawatts of power production via a Black Stump mobile solar farm.

Mobile solar farm is ideal for large-scale relocatable projects such as infrastructure, mining, remote communities and agriculture harvest.

It is also an ideal off-grid power generator that eliminates the time, cost and hassle involved in building fixed solar infrastructure and its associated sunk cost when the project finishes.

Case Study

Sydney Metro West
Sydney, NSW, $2.1B

Two Black Stump Solarator 12s are operating at the Eastern Creek site and our 0.3MWh Mobile Solar Farm is providing power to the newly constructed TIA Facility at the Rosehill Site.

These renewable energy initiatives are expected to result in annualised savings of 825,000kg of CO2 emissions and substantial savings in operating costs.