Solar Chiller

Our Solarators work as efficiently as standard industrial and commercial freezers and chillers.

Our cold chain Solarator products include solar chillers (cool-rooms), solar freezers, solar ice-makers and customised solutions designed to be used across a range of industries.


Solarator Chill

A mobile cool room with an operational temperature range of +2°C to +15°C. Pull in-built cool room down to 5 degrees Celsius within 15 minutes.

Solarator Ice

Ice production within 5 minutes, up to 800kg a day and stored at -18°C. The ice maker can be used for pre-cooling, cold chain logistics, in fisheries, markets and commercial sale.

Solarator Freeze

Pull in-built freezer down to minus 18 Celsius within 30 minutes.

Solarator Blast

Our pre-cooling range incorporates more powerful systems designed to quickly remove field heat from fresh produce to enhance quality and shelf life, prior to cold storage or transport.

Solarator Cold Chain


Black Stump produces a range of mobile Solarators specifically designed for high performance, temperature-controlled cold storage operations.

Each mobile chiller, freezer or ice-maker is 100% solar powered with battery back-up requiring no fuel, generator or grid connection, giving you the reassurance of an uninterrupted power supply.

Each solar mobile cool room unit is transportable, securable and can be fully customised to your specific needs, including being hybrid and micro grid compatible.

Deployed and operational within 15 minutes
Containerised for rapid transport and security
An integrated renewable energy system for reliable, non-stop operation
Simple to maintain

Solarators® cold-chain range