Solar Generators

Mobile Solar Powered Generators - Transportable Solar Power Generation Units for Commercial Use

Save money, C02 emissions and headaches by powering your site huts with our proven highly transportable mobile solar powered generator system.

A “plug and play” commercial solar power generation solution, our mobile solar generators can provide your site huts with 100% renewable energy 24 hours a day, in any weather or environment.

Black Stump Technologies range of mobile solar generators make temporary, renewable energy immediately accessible, affordable and easy to use. Our mobile solar power units are designed to be rapidly deployed around the world, with rapid transport available by land, sea or air, we deliver our mobile solar power generator systems to be ready to run with PV, batteries and the generator itself packed and protected inside a securable container that is both weather and vandal-proof.

Each mobile solar panel powered generator removes reliance on expensive and often unavailable supplies of diesel fuel and can operate fully independent from grid power, and with the reassurance of knowing you have an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). The mobile solar power units can also be configured to operate as a hybrid solar power generation system with mains or diesel-generated power.

Offering a greener, cleaner and more dependable solar panel mobile generator alternative that will provide significant savings on operating costs. Real time performance monitoring and analytics are also available with our commercial mobile solar system solution, providing reporting up the lines of your contribution to carbon emissions, cost savings and uptime.

Key Benefits of our Mobile Solar Power Generator System:

  • Cost savings –Our mobile solar generators offer significant savings over diesel alternative
  • Carbon emission reductions –Mobile solar panel power generation offers immediate carbon emissions reductions and improved environmental footprint
  • No site disruption –Our mobile solar powered generator is deployed and operating in under 30mins
  • Uninterruptible power supply –Renewable energy 24 hours a day via solar array and smart battery system, with hybrid mains and generator connection options
  • Proven –Mobile solar power systems deployed across sites in urban Victoria, deserts of Woomera and highlands of Papua New Guinea
  • Continuous improvement –Energy usage patterns logged and analysed
  • No utilities involvement –100% off grid for remote sites with our mobile solar power units, or if operating in hybrid mode using mains, our solar generators are classed as an appliance requiring no input or approvals from power companies
  • Monitoring and analytics – In real-time providing the ability to report your savings and contribution up the line
  • Aligned reporting – A mobile solar power system which is aligned with your Corporate Sustainable Reporting (CSR) and with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.
Black Stump Technologies mobile solar power generators.
Black Stump Technologies mobile solar power generators.

How Do Our Commercial Mobile Solar Generator Units Work?

The Black Stump Technologies range of commercial mobile solar generator units includes 100% off grid, hybrid and UPS models.

Our mobile solar generators are delivered to site and the solar array deployed. The portable solar generator unit is connected to the huts that comprise the site camp. Generally, power is supplied by the deployed array, with the ‘smart switch’ energy management system drawing additional power from further renewable energy sources.

The array’s mobile solar panel system can be stowed nightly for security purposes.  Real time energy usage monitoring available (WiFi connection required) and reporting provided.

With simple push button operation, the mobile solar generator units need only be set down and the solar panels deployed.  All operation is from ground level and requires no special tools or training and the mobile solar generator system is fully operational in under 30 minutes.

Fully customisable mobile solar powered generators for use in the following sectors:

  • Infrastructure & construction companies – our mobile solar power generators are great if you’re operating in urban, regional and remote areas
  • Other commercial organisations – also operating in urban, regional and remote areas can benefit significantly from our mobile solar power system solutions
  • Government organisations – who are responsible for remote communities that require reliable power can benefit greatly from mobile solar power generation
  • Defence organisations – that require rapidly deployable, mobile solar generators
  • Event organisers and companies – wanting mobile power generators leaving a minimal environmental footprint
  • First responders – to those caught in an environmental or humanitarian disaster seeking emergency energy solutions, our mobile solar power solutions can assist dramatically
  • Agriculture & aquaculture operators – seeking solar-powered mobile solutions, convenient ways to store their product once harvested
  • Aid & development agencies – needing to build long term, low maintenance energy infrastructure for disadvantaged communities.

The Black Stump Technologies commercial mobile solar generator range of technologies and products provides a logical alternative to traditional power supply options, capable of providing an easy and reliable energy solution via mobile solar power technology to reduce site power costs and environmental impacts.

Commercial Solar Powered Generators FAQ’s

How does our solar generator system work?

Once the solar powered generator is deployed to wherever you are in the world, and the solar panels are deployed, it is simply a matter of connecting the system to your site compound.  No special training or tools are required, and your commercial generator will be ready for use in under 30 minutes.

The solar panel generator can also be simply and securely stowed away at night.

Why solar powered generators?

With energy consumption considered the largest source of human-caused greenhouse gas production, choosing a commercial solar powered generator means you are immediately reducing your carbon emissions and making a significant reduction to your environmental footprint.

Cost savings gained by going with a solar panel generator over a diesel option are also considerable as is the growing customer interest from customers looking for suppliers/businesses that offer sustainable energy alternatives.

Who are solar powered generators for?

Our solar generator systems are designed to be used across a range of industries including infrastructure and construction, agriculture and aquaculture as well as government and commercial organisations.

Solar panel generators can also be used by first responders seeking emergency energy solutions, and aid and development agencies looking for low maintenance energy infrastructure.

How do you know if a solar generator is right for you?

To discuss how a commercial solar generator system can be tailored for your specific needs please give us a call.