Black Stump products include the following support services:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring via wi-fi or satellite connection
  • Remote technical assistance
  • Dedicated access to performance, commercial and sustainability data via our customer portal
  • Customised reporting via our customer portal
  • Operating Manuals
  • Data Sheets
  • User Training

Also available are:

  • Service Plans
  • Customised knowledge transfer, maintenance and servicing packages
  • Logistic solutions
Frequently Asked Questions
Why use a Black Stump Solarator instead of a diesel genset?

A Black Stump Solarator is cheaper to run over the long haul and typically cuts carbon emissions by up to 90%. 100% is achievable. As energy consumption is the largest source of human-caused greenhouse gas production, choosing a commercial renewable energy powered generator means you immediately reduce your carbon emissions and environmental footprint.

Diesel costs continue to rise over the long-run, making a diesel genset increasingly more expensive compared to a lower cost, more reliable and low-carbon Solarator.

Diesel gensets are typically oversized for a site, a decision based on peak load that has a downstream effect of making the genset inefficient and more expensive to operate.

Are Black Stump Solarators reliable?

Yes. They are designed and manufactured to high standards. They have been proven to work in harsh climates, including the Australian outback and the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Do all Solarators come with solar/battery/diesel?

No. Some of our products are designed to be solar and battery only, specifically to provide power where diesel logistics are very difficult. Use the Calculator to help you identify which Solarator is best for you based on your location and power demands.

Is cloud or rain a problem?

No. Different Black Stump Solarators are selected by taking local environmental conditions into consideration, such as daily average solar power generation potential, weather patterns and air quality. They are designed to operate reliably in these conditions on your site based on your power demands with integrated battery and/or diesel back-up.

Should I stow the solar panels away in severe weather?

Yes. Solarators are designed to be quickly packed up and redeployed to protect your site power from weather damage.

Will the system stop working if the battery goes flat?

No. Black Stump’s control system monitors battery condition and reduces the system electrical loads to assist in the protection of the batteries and battery charge levels. For units with an integrated diesel generator, this will power up to recharge the batteries. In the event of a battery failure the system will swap to standby mode and alert us (Wi-Fi connection required).

Is it difficult to set up and operate a Solarator?

No. The Solarator comes as a complete containerised package ready to plug and play. Offload the container from the truck, one person can roll out the solar panels and connect up. You have power inside 30 minutes.

Are special foundations required?

No. Only a firm, level surface. Entry and exit areas should be kept clean to prevent the introduction of foreign matter into the container to protect the electrical components within.

What maintenance is required?

Properly designed and built solar and refrigeration systems are inherently reliable and have a very low maintenance requirement.  Minor tasks, such as keeping solar panels clean, are easily achieved, low cost and can be performed locally.  Black Stump provides training for minor maintenance and repairs. System life is 20 years plus, so a cost effective and comprehensive maintenance program should be discussed with your systems designer. 

Is training required?

No. With simple push button operation, the mobile solar generator units need only be set down and the solar panels deployed.  All operation is from ground level and requires no special tools or training and the mobile solar generator system is fully operational in under 30 minutes. Our website has a video showing how to operate our products.

Comprehensive & accredited training in solar and refrigeration systems is also available through Black Stump, contact us to enquire.

Can I stow the panels away when my site isn't operating?

Yes. Our Solarators are designed to be rapidly deployed to enhance your security and our integrated solar/battery/generator design means your site will still have power.

Does Black Stump provide data?

Yes. We provide access to secure near-live data via dashboards that show system performance, energy usage and carbon savings for detailed ESG reporting. Download a sample report to get a preview of data points available at your fingertips.

How long has Black Stump been in business?

In 2017 Black Stump Technologies was spun out of an Australian engineering business which itself was founded in 1970. That business' first solar-powered refrigeration unit was deployed to move refrigerated products across the Nullabor by train in 2005.

Can I order a Solarator from Black Stump?

Yes. You have the option to Buy, Lease or Rent.

What is the Payback?

Depending on the Solarator size, payback on purchase is around 2 - 2.5 years.

If you rent a Solarator, then running costs are immediately lower than for a diesel genset, and you’ll have reduced your carbon emissions by around 80%.

Can I scale Solarators into a microgrid or solar farm?

Yes. With our plug and play Solarators, you can set up a fixed or mobile installation of any size.

Can I plug my Solarator into the grid?

Yes. External electrical inspection and approvals may be required.